Josiane Behmoiras’  idea of convening a Memoir Salon at Writers Victoria is commendable and inspired.  Last Wednesday’s inaugural session with Leah Kaminsky was a delight! Hearing someone as well-known as Leah being so open (and funny) about the challenges she has faced as a writer, was encouraging beyond belief. The night was made even better by being able to talk with other memoirists at various stages of their writing journey, all over a relaxing glass of wine. I’m counting down to the next salon!   – Trish O’Connor

Josiane’s inaugural Memoir Salon achieved what writers’ salons around the world aim to do: inspire, entertain, educate, uplift.   We began the evening in small groups, discussing our nonfiction projects and experiences then settled to Leah Kaminsky’s entertaining presentation on how personal experience underpins everything she writes. Finally we workshopped short pieces performed by two brave souls. The entire evening was an enjoyable mix of socialising and learning.   If you’re interested in the “how to” of memoir writing and want to meet others with the same passion, the Memoir Salon is for you. It’s the perfect space to laugh, learn and share the memoir-writing journey –  Jo Burnell

Fabulous talk by Leah Kaminsky at The Salon, The Wheeler Centre last night. She mentioned, as memoirists, we often have to let ourselves go to places we’ve never been and never wanted to go. In discussion, we all agreed, as authors, our tears are a sign we’ve reached our truth. A sign that we will touch our audience.  –  AJ Collins


Participant engaged in workshopping with generosity


… and Leah spread advice & laughter

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